Account Transfers

How do I create a transfer?

  • Click on the "Transfer Funds" button.
  • Select the "From" and "To" accounts
  • Enter the dollar amount in the "Amount of Transfer"
  • Click the "Transfer Funds" button

NOTE: You can only transfer amounts that are equal to or less than the available balance in the "From" account.

How do I check the status of a transfer?

The “View Accounts” screen displays current day transaction including transfers.

How do I cancel a current day pending transfer?

Click on the "Transfer Funds" button then click the "Delete/Reverse" button on the transaction. (If the transfer is still pending.)

Can I pay my First National Bank loan payment in online banking?

Yes, using the "Transfer Funds" button you can make your regular loan payment from your checking account to your loan.

What are the cut-off time for funds transfer?

To be posted the same day, all transfers need to be completed by 4:00PM

Can I transfer funds from my Credit line to my deposit accounts?

Yes, if your Credit Line has available funds.